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Although a new school name, the Jukuren Dojo has been around for a long time… beginning in 1986! Originally the Melbourne Branch Dojo for Wayne Roy Ninjutsu (founded in 1981), the school was part of the original authentic Ninjutsu Dojo in Australia, representing the Bujinkan system. In 2001, Mr. Roy chose to remove his schools from the Bujinkan to form Jyukutatsu Dojos, an independent group of schools following Mr. Roy’s lead in terms of his insight into the traditional training scrolls, cutting edge self protection methods, and deep personal development. The Melbourne school remained with him, then becoming Jyukutatsu Dojo Melbourne.

In 2016, Mr. Roy closed his schools, effectively ending what was the largest organization of authentic Ninjutsu Dojos in the Southern Hemisphere for the past nearly 4 decades. A decision was made within the school to maintain his legacy, and continue the work he had put forth.

The name Jukuren Dojo (熟練道場) was chosen to represent the next iteration of the schools teaching. This name, on a basic level, simply means “”School of Skill Development”… although, as with many things Japanese, many shades of meaning can be taken. The two characters individually refer to “Mature” (Juku) and “Train” (Ren)… implying that you develop maturity (and mature skill) through serious training. Additionally, the name is a nod of respect to our previous organization, the Jyukutatsu Dojo, by using the same character to begin our new name.