The Jukuren Dojo is an independent martial art school,  teaching a range of traditional Japanese martial arts, weaponry skills and defence, and modern self defence methods adapted for relevance and practicality in today’s world. These three areas are collectively referred to in our school as Budo Heiho (武道兵法)… the Study of Martial Art Strategies.

The Jukuren Dojo is open to both students who have never studied martial arts, as well as students who have trained in other disciplines and are looking to expand into new areas. There is no necessary fitness level required, and the training is paced towards they individual students skills and abilities.  The school offers a comprehensive program designed to build your physical and mental strength, while developing your strategic thinking and situational awareness.

Unlike many physical arts which are implemented as a sport, the Jukuren Dojo provides you with skills and techniques that can be directly utilised in real world situations.  Historically these are military tools, designed to be swift, highly effective and final.  From hand to hand combat available at a moments notice in self defence situations, through to the use of both ancient and modern weapons and armour, the skills found in the Jukuren Dojo will build your confidence and put you in control.

Our students come from a wide range of places.  Some have developed an interest in the history of martial arts, and want to experience authentic techniques and teaching.  Some may have learnt strength yet feel they need to develop their self-control.  Others are interested in learning to defend themselves, wanting confidence when they are in public.  The consistent theme is a person looking to better themselves, and searching for help and guidance in doing so.

With any new capability comes responsibility. The Jukuren Dojo employs safe, reliable teaching methods, designed to minimise the impact of physical training and prevent injury, as well as allow students to develop skills in the quickest, most effective way possible.  We consider the health and wellbeing of our students to be of the highest importance, and heavily promote and drill the safe use of the tools and techniques we train.

熟練道場 武道兵法